Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Support the DREAM Act!

Development, Relief and Education for Alien Mi...Image via WikipediaI received an email today about the Dream Act. I started following the DREAM Act when I read the news about Marlen Moreno who's dream is to become a teacher. She was going to be deported but as of now her deportation was deferred for one year only, she's still not safe. If the DREAM Act passes that will give her a chance to be able to stay in this country with her family. So far the DREAM Act has helped Marlen and Ivan stay in this country. 

Help support the DREAM Act by contacting Senator Kay Hagan through Facebook! You will make thousands of dreams come true. Follow this link http://AmericasVoiceOnline.org/SenatorHagan post a message to the wall of Senator Kay Hagan Facebook page.
Over the summer, we stopped the deportation of two upstanding young people who would qualify to stay in the U.S. under the DREAM Act. While this was wonderful news, we knew it was only a temporary fix.
Marlen, Ivan, and thousands of young people like them will not be truly safe until Congress passes the DREAM Act -- but the clock is ticking to bring in the remaining votes before the November elections take hold. Senator Kay Hagan is still on the fence.

Go ahead, let your voice be heard! Support the DREAM Act now!♥♥ 
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