Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TV Tonight!

As some of you know I'm a TV addict and I watch or record shows everyday. I don't know go out much so this is my form of entertainment and my escape from this crazy world. Wednesday's is one of favorite nights because of course is LOST night! I know I know some of you don't like it anymore but it still does it for me! I watch Life On Mars and just when I started to like it they canceled it! Sometimes I don't even bother with a show because things like this can happen at anytime but that is another story that I will blog about soon!

I also started watching Lie To Me and I love it! I like the cast and the chemistry between them. I like trying to find out who's lying before they tell you, lol. American Idol (I think is a repeat tonight) even though I didn't like watching it from the very beginning because some things are staged, this season I started watching it from the second or third week and I really enjoyed it. Last night was really good and I really liked Adam's performance. At first I was turned off because of the pictures that surfaced online but have to say he's truly talented and he can sing! He has a really good chance to win AI. This year most of them have a great voice so it is going to be tough. I really like Allison also, she has a great voice (and she's Latina) but she might get kicked out because of the song she picked last night. I hope she doesn't! I have a feeling Anoop, Megan and Allison are going to be in the bottom three. I like Megan's voice and her singing style a lot but the last song wasn't a good one for the judges (I liked it). Lil (why would her mother give her that name) had a good performance also and she can sing! I felt so bad for Matt, he didn't think they were going to say his performance (I liked it) was bad. I wanted to give him a hug...

Another show I watch is Damages! Glen Close is so good on this show. I don't think anyone else would play that character better than her. Just when you start to hate her she makes you like her!

I also watch Law & Order but tonight is a repeat. So there you have it, the shows I watch on Wednesdays... Pin It Now!


  1. There are soooo many good shows on TV now. It's hard to pick what to watch!

  2. Yep, too many shows! There are many that I would like to watch but because I don't have the time and I can't record them I don't even watch the pilot so I don't know if it's good or not, lol.


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