Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't You Love It When...

When you find something you need and you find it at a cheap price? Or when you find a product that turned out to taste really good? I went to Target on Thursday, I had been putting it off all week, but we no longer had soap or baby powder (we must have baby powder!) and I didn't want to go to the pharmacy to buy a pack of 3/4 that was going to cost me as much as the pack of ten I buy at Target.

Finally we went on Thursday, under the rain. I usually go straight to whatever I need (I write a list), this time I decided to browse, lol. I'm glad I did because I found two things I needed for a very cheap price. A spatula and a rolling pin, you can see them in the picture. I'm not a heavy baker like my Blogger amigas, NewYorkChica and Mami Dearest. I bake cakes from a box twice a month, so this spatula is good enough for me. Plus I got two for the price of one and they are Christmasy! I also got a rolling pin that I only bought to make empanadillas, which is not often even though I like them a lot. I didn't have a roller (kept forgetting) so it was a hassle to thin out the dough, lol. One bad thing about this trip, when you browse you end up spending more that you plan to, which is exactly what happened and I ended up feeling guilty as we left the mall...

Like Target, when I go the supermarket I go straight to what I need and leave. This time again, I decided to take my time to see if I could find something different. Well, we were looking for grape jam and I saw a product called Cajeta Quemada/Burnt Caramel. As you can see is a Latino product. I thought it looked yummy and we had ice cream so I thought why not try it. It tastes delicious! The best one I have tried so far. Not only did we used it for ice cream but we have apples that turned to be sour. We cut them in small pieces and ate them with the cajeta, yum! Oh yes...I have a sweet tooth, that's why I'm so gordita, he, he.♥

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  1. Ohhhh you make empanadillas from scratch??? Please, please, please give me the recipe! I normally buy them pero I am sure it will taste much better fresh.

  2. Ms Latina, God no I don't make them from scratch, I am NOT a good cook! I can find a recipe for you though. Let me know :-)


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