Monday, November 16, 2009

Review of NetFlix PS3 Streaming.

As many of you know by now, Netflix is now streaming movies thorough Playstation 3!  We are extremely happy about this!  I for one don't like renting TV shows because there just too many dvd's you have to rent and it would take me forever to see them unless I have the plan of four dvd's which I don't. 

To set it up you have to send for a CD from Netflix which is free and it has to be inserted in the PS3 every time you want to stream something.  Put the CD in, follow the instructions and voila you will be ready to watch movies and TV shows in no time.  If you have a unlimited plan you will be able to stream unlimited movies/TV shows.  Another extremely cool thing is that not only you can stream from your TV you can also stream from the computer at the same time depending on the plan you have.  You are able to stream from up to 6 devices at the same time! 

Of course you have to have a broadband connection and the faster the better.  If your connection is being used by multiple devices, such as a computer or another PS, the movie/TV show might slow down a bit and give you the buffering message.  Also, you can activate and deactivate the PS3 whenever you like in case you don't want your kids to watch movies/TV shows they are not allowed to while you are not at home.  Then again you can always hide the CD, lol.

I tested it with the first episode of Heroes  and it looks really good, very close to when you watch it on regular TV.  Not every movie or TV show is going to look like that though.  When you are browsing on your PS3 you are going to see HD underneath the movie or TV show, those are the ones that are going to have very good quality.  I'm sure with time the quality will be better but for now is good enough for me.  I can watch all the TV shows I don't get to see because I don't have any premium channels and that is a big plus!  Then there are the movies that are not so much about the special effects but about the dialogue and I have plenty of those on  my Queue!

Thumbs up to NetFlix for adding PS3 streaming!!  Yes, I admit it, I'm a movie and TV junkie!  Can't afford to go the movies often so NetFlix keeps me satisfied, lol.♥

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  1. OK, now that just might convince us to go back to Netflix!

  2. Storm, it's a good deal. Especially on those nights you can't find anything on TV! Thanks for stopping by :-)


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