Friday, July 23, 2010

Hell of A Way To Wake Up!

{Warning: Post contains some cursing}

Yesterday morning around 7:00 AM I was sleeping and dreaming, can't remember what the dream was about but I know it was a weird one. All of a sudden I felt something on my chest and I heard noises. I opened my eyes and I thought what the fuck is this? Then I realized it was water pouring in from my ceiling! My son heard it at the same time and jumped out of bed to get the things out of the way. Thank God I only had the sofa, speakers and a fan in that area.

My son ran to get a few buckets and the mop while I was trying not to slip and fall. I was looking for some clothes to put on to go upstairs but I was half asleep and couldn't concentrate. My son was so pissed, lol. I think he was more upset than me. By the time I put on some clothes the water started slowing down. I called the landlord and then I realized it wasn't even 7:30 AM yet. Left a message anyway, he never called back of course. 

I decided to get the super and he was right outside my door sweeping the stairs. He came in right away and then went upstairs to see what it was. Came back and was pissed off because no one wanted to take responsibility for the water coming down. The water magically started pouring down out of nowhere. No one had a clogged toilet/sink/bathtub! He said people don't pay attention and don't care if they end up causing a mess. He then gave me his cell number and told me if anything happened to call him right away. I am glad he gave me his number that way next time I don't have to run like a damn chicken without a head looking for clothes to go outside and knock on his door! Not a pretty sight early in the morning, lol.    

I went back to sleep or at least tried because people kept waking me up by closing their doors like animals, then Con Edison came to read the meters and the mailman knocked on my door then went to put the mail in the mailbox and then came back knocked on my door again to deliver a package! I was not in a good mood! At that point I was pissed as hell because it was hard for me to fall asleep in the first place. Thinking too much about the everyday problems and then to be woken up that way! Mierda!

Hopefully today will be a better day since is Friday!Photobucket Pin It Now!

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