Friday, July 9, 2010

What a Week!

Sorry I haven't posted all week but it has been one hell of week! I was taking care of personal stuff dealing with assholes who do not want to do their jobs but get paid and fuck with people's lives. No common courtesy at all these days. Everything is with a nasty attitude, why not quit their jobs if they hate it so much!

Thank God my daughter was with me to keep me "semi" calm. On the second day of dealing with assholes on our way home my daughter was looking at me while we were on the bus, I turned around and asked her what's wrong? She said nothing and put her head on my shoulder. I really fought hard to hold back my tears, she didn't see me but she knew I was feeling like shit. The frustration and anger got to me eventually. It helped that she was there to console me even if she did it with a gesture but that's all it took.

However, I have been through tough times before so I calmed down and said to myself this is just another hurdle I have to jump, at the end it will pay off. You are a strong Latina coño! I marched back in the next day. The asshole started with his shit again but this time it backfired because I embarrassed him and let everyone know he didn't know what he was doing. I told his supervisor, in the end I was seen by someone else who didn't have a problem at all. Everything went smoothly, all my problems were resolved. I left that hellhole a happy tired sweaty woman!

PhotobucketAs you all know the weather has been brutal this week so this made me feel worse! It was hot as hell, each day I got home with headaches from the heat. Was asleep by 12AM, that's how tired I was. The heat drains me. The medicines I'm taking don't help either they make sweat more. Was glad I didn't have to go out today! 

 People were walking around half naked, especially women. A few were showing their butt cheeks either on top or bottom. Men were honking their horns and saying, Mira Mami or Hey Baby. LOL I am glad the temperatures went down though. Like I said it was one "HELL" of a week..Photobucket Pin It Now!

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