Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is Here!

I'm so glad fall is finally here! Who's ready to wear sweaters, scarfs and all the comfy clothes? I know I am! Right now my apartment is cool, I'm enjoying it. I'm about to make oatmeal after I finish with this post. With lots of canela/cinnamon. Que rico! 

I have to go run errands today. Have to do grocery shopping, crossing my fingers they have a good sale going on. I also have to go to the library to do a print out. Not because I want to because I have to walk a lot to get there. Worse is up a hill. But my printer ran out of ink and I don't want to buy a $25 cartridge just to print out a paper.

As you can see I changed the header. I can't decide on the background yet. It still a work in progress. I have to change a few things. I hope everyone likes it, then again it is very hard to please everyone. Different people, different taste. I try though, because without readers there is no point on having a blog right? 

Bueno, to cook oatmeal I go. I'm hungry and I have to do some things before heading out. Hope everyone is enjoying their day so far!♥♥   

image credit:  Matte Stephens
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