Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feels Like Fall!

Feels like fall today, yay! I'm so happy is around the corner. I love the cooler weather, the smell in the air, wearing sweaters, scarfs, hats and not have my make up melt off right away! My windows are open to let the air run through the apartment. Now if only I could bake from scratch the atmosphere would be complete, lol. I bake a lot but out of a box. As a matter of fact I baked a french vanilla cake two days ago! He, he.

It's fairly quiet outside but then again is still early. My daughter is over at a friend's house so is quieter in here also. Well until my son wakes up and my cat starts meowing that is. My cat is like another kid. He meows for attention, food and paws at my arm when he wants me to pick him up, lol. I love that cat even if he makes me itchy. I have to get the furminator to get rid off some of that fur...

We finally rented the Clash of the Titans. I loved the original with Harry Hamlin. Back in the days when I saw it I went gaga over it. The special effects were cool and I loved the story. I hope this version doesn't disappoint especially with Mr. Hoteness Sam Worthington. He's the "it" man these days. I so love his voice! Talking about movies, I saw Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief last week. I really liked the movie and so did mis hijos/my children but the end could have been better. It was just an eh ending. Another thing what happened to the woman who played Percy's Mom? She looked like she didn't know how to act but I know she can act. Her acting in this movie was bad though. Am I the only one who noticed?

Bueno, I have to do laundry and cook dinner soon because tomorrow is school day so things have to be done earlier that usual. I hope everyone is having a good day!♥♥
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