Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone! - Feliz Navidad A Todos!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! We didn't celebrated Christmas Eve. I decided to leave dinner for today. We are making two pernils to have a good portion of leftovers. You know me, I'm not much of a cook so I try to make enough for leftovers whenever I can! The apartment smells delish... 

We woke up late because we went to bed late last night, we were watching X-Files season 8. Once you start watching it is hard to stop, lol. We rented Toy Story 3 and Eat Pray Love. We saw Toy Story 3 last night and it was so funny, lol. Great movie, we are planning on watching it again tonight. Eat Pray Love is for me to see alone later or tomorrow. So happy is over 4 hours! I love long movies, so excited to finally see it. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas with their familia and friends. Don't eat too much, lol. Nah, is Christmas enjoy yourself/No coman mucho! Ay, es Navidad disfrutatelo coño. Stay safe and don't drink and drive please/Cuidensen, no beban y manejen por favor...Photobucket

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