Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.

I received an email asking me to spread the word about the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens that helps teens graduate high school. I'm a mother of two teenagers and I'm constantly telling them they need to stay in school and continue their education. It is very important for teens to graduate high school, our world's future depend on them and by supporting the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens we are doing just that. On April 23 participating Taco Bells are going to donate 15% of the sales to the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens to help teens graduate! Be sure to have some Taco Bell on that day!!

You can also join them on Facebook by adding their application to your profile and show your support.♥ Pin It Now!


  1. Great cause. Thx for the info!

  2. Saw New York Chica's tweet and came to check out your space on the net =) As a mom of a teen myself I am always on the prowl for teen opportunities. I recently found a wonderful one! Check it out on my blog HERE Cuidate!


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