Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial.

Well, tomorrow is Michael Jackson's memorial. I know, you are probably thinking not another Michael Jackson post. Up until now I didn't blogged about it but I am a fan and this is my Blog and I can write about him if I want to, coño!

I wish I was one of the lucky ones to be at his memorial tomorrow. I know that place is going to be packed even if the majority won't have tickets to go inside. Just being outside will be good enough for people. The LAPD assistant Chief said for people not to show up if they don't have tickets. I doubt that's going to make a difference. Even the British are coming to the memorial, according to TMZ a rep for British Airway said they have seen a big increase in reservations to fly to LA or close to it. They say close to a million people may show up! That's a lot of people! I hope they can keep everything running smoothly...

Whether some people want to admit it or not he was The King of Pop y como él no habrá ninguno/and there will be no one like him. Sure he turned into a weird and eccentric person. Anything you want to call him but like his brother said he had the same heart and was full of talent. And what a talent! When I heard he was going to tour one more time I was so happy for him. He was going to be close to his fans once again and show everyone he was still the King of Pop. So so sad he never got to experience that.

When I heard he had died the first thing I thought of was his kids. He never got to see them grow up. He looked like he was a great father and sure a mother as well. I wondered that night if he could see them and if he was happy where he was or if he was crying because he left them too soon and never saw them grow up. I hope they will be well taken care of and filled with love. I hope the court will keep the vultures away and allow those kids to have privacy!

Talking about vultures, I hear all the celebrities talking about him, how he was this and that but where were they when he was alive? Like his father said when he was on the red carpet on his way to the BET awards I believe 'I wish they would have done this while he was alive'. After the whole mess with the molestation case no one wanted to be seen with him I guess even though he was never proven guilty. And I guess that's why he had a hard time trusting people. Like they say when you are in deep shit that's when you know who your real friends are. Even those who claim to had been his close friends said mean things now that he is dead. Liza Minnelli was one of them, she called The Early Show and said;

"All those who knew him well really know what he was like, and I'm sure that now the accolades are going and I'm sure when the autopsy comes, all hell's going to break loose," Liza said cryptically. "So thank God we're celebrating him now."
What a hypocrite! Whether is true or not, what happened to respect for the family? His kids? You know the pain they are going through and yet you go and make things worse by saying something like that while claiming to be his friend. I wonder how she sleeps at night, I hope that one night he pulls her toes!

I still remember when he did the moonwalk for the first time. I was living in Puerto Rico and was watching it on a 13 inch TV. It was a small TV and the reception was bad but I didn't care, I was in awe. Seeing the way he was dancing and singing. When I saw Thriller, my jaw dropped I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He changed the way videos were made. I kept watching it over and over, it was like a movie to me, lol. From there I was always trying to learn his moves and would play his record everyday! I would even dress like him, lol. And I looked hot too! Yes, I was a Michael Jackson wannabe! There are still plenty of wannabes, that's how good he was. They will never be close to what he was though, no matter how hard they try!

Rest in Peace Michael, you will be missed..♥♥

Michael Jackson

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  1. Nice tribute to the King of Pop.

  2. Thanks & thanks for commenting! Still can't believe he's gone. :-(


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