Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life & PhotoHunt.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day of Spring! I stayed in relaxing and enjoying the day. My daughter went out with a friend so it was my son and me. He was playing video games and I was catching up with Blogs, emails, etc. I turned on my speakers to 80's, 90's music all day. I'm still am, right now Secret by Madonna is playing. The memories! Listening to music while I'm blogging makes me feel better, gets me in a good mood and I don't worry about what I'm posting as much. 
I expected the streets to be rowdy but they weren't and I am so happy! Then again the night is young so anything can happen, let me not jinx it. I'm making something simple for dinner (hero sandwiches) and after we are going to see the movie Taken. Heard it was good! Talking about movies I'm looking forward to seeing New Moon and The Fourth Kind! Hopefully I will get them by Wednesday. Can't help it I am a movie addict. I have to write a post about the recent movies I have seen...

Ok, on to my PhotoHunt, haven't done this meme in a long time. Today's theme is Three. The picture I'm using was taken by my daughter in Manhattan. You can see the three tall trees in the background. I love this picture! If you want to join follow the link. Happy Saturday!♥♥    

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  1. This has been such a fun theme with so many different angles. You've got a great shot that fits the theme just right.

  2. it's that lovely yellow flower that caught my interest!

  3. Your daughter takes wonderful pictures! Not surprised, she must get it from you LOL

  4. Scott, it was a fun one. I was happy to find my entry! Thanks for stopping by.

    Bing, I love the flower too. The whole place was surrounded by them.

    Lui, thanks! I love the color of the flower. Thanks for stopping by.

    Ms. Latina, thanks! Now we just need a better camera, the one we have is only 4 megapixels and it's very old. Thanks for stopping by.


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