Saturday, August 22, 2009

PhotoHunt - Ripples & Life.

Ok, so I'm late with my PhotoHunt again! Didn't have internet access yesterday for most of the day. Tried calling them (cable) and the phone was busy until I gave up calling, whatever it was had to be big for the phone to be busy. Thankfully everything is working now.

It's a hot and gloomy day and I don't feel like doing anything! I have a bunch of things to do including keep doing laundry, cook dinner and shred tons of papers that are pilled up on my dinning table, my desk and bedroom. Hopefully I will get to everything today and I won't let my sleepiness get to me!

Ok, on to my Photohunt! This week's theme is/was Ripples. I thought I wasn't going to have anything but that wasn't the case, I found 3! If you would like to join the fun click on the link or the photohunter badge.

Central Park
Taken by my daughter.

I took this from the roof the building where I live.

Fountain in Manhattan
Taken by my daughter.
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  1. I love those pictures esp. the one from your roof! You have an amazing view. Hope you take advantage and go use it for the tar tan! I used to love doing that LOL

  2. Wow, those photos are spectacular! I love the rocks!! I think we were the only two Photo Hunters to have rippled rocks, lol!

  3. OhMy, thanks for stopping by! :-)

    Ms. Latina, I was removing the equipment from Dish Network. My first time up there so I took some pictures, lol. I'm scared of heights!

    Mrs. Mecomber, thanks! I loved yours too, especially with the water!

  4. Very creative pictures! Great job!


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