Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow + Netflix = Relaxation!

And just like that, it is over! We didn't get that much snow as you can see by the pictures. I took these from my window, the first two was around 4AM, the third one was around 6AM. I don't know around other areas, but around here it didn't look like a blizzard at all. From the news, I expected something like the blizzard we had in 1996! For that one, the mountains of snow were taller than me. Good times!

It looked pretty though and it was so peaceful. Like we say in Puerto Rico, no había ni un alma en la calle/there was not a soul on the street. Then the snow plow truck passed by and the beauty disappeared. photo 935824dc.gif

Oh well, until next winter! Yes, I'm already thinking about next winter. Me no like hot weather!

We started renting movies from Netflix again. There are so many movies that we have to catch up with. We rented The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight Rises. We have been streaming for over a year, but as you know they don't always stream the popular ones. We are going to be snuggling, relaxing and enjoying our snowy weekend watching two good movies. I also have to empty my DVR, it is 100% full.

Talking about TV, I am loving Netflix's House of Cards. I'm up to episode 8, so so good. That's the movies envelope you see below, they are promoting the show everywhere! I love that I can sit and watch the whole season in a matter of days, sometimes in one day! No commercials and no waiting. I do hate when I'm about to finish the seasons, so I try to delay it, lol. I know, it's sad. Don't judge me. 

If you are into politics and drama, this show is for you. I'm not hardcore into politics, but I do enjoy the drama, lol. Only in movies or TV that is. Not in real life! No drama for this Mama. photo 52991d7ff65a05526454bd1170a0f14c.gif 

Before I forget, here is my Friday Fill-Ins meme. I'm a day late, but better late than never. If you want to join the fun follow the link. Now to eat some lunch and go look at all the snow pictures people have been sharing. Enjoy your weekend, mi gente! Yeah... 

1. In New England, it snowed a lot
2. There are LOTS of snow pictures all over Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.
3. Ahhhh, love snowy days
4. Finding new shows on Netflix is my favorite thing to do nowadays. 
5. Last night, I had a dream about something, I can't remember
6. I have been watching recipe videos on youtube which is the perfect way to learn how to cook these days. Love it! 
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a movie, catching up with some blogs, tomorrow my plans include watching another movie and Sunday, I want to empty my DVR and relax con mis hijos!

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