Friday, September 11, 2009

Hectic week!

Today I got home soaked because it was so windy all the rain was blowing from behind and my umbrella kept blowing everywhere, lol. Still I managed to do grocery shopping after I ran some errands, had to basically force my son to bring the shopping cart to the supermarket because he didn't wanted to go back out. He kept saying but Ma' just come home and rest a bit and then go back out. I said no way, when I get home I'm going to rest and I am not moving for some time! So glad I didn't give into my son's whining and got it done!

This week was a crazy one, a lot of running around with my son going back to school and getting a few things at the last minute. We left his haircut for the last minute and boy when we got to the Barbershop they had at least 10 guys/kids waiting. We went to get a few things and came back an hour later, still had to wait some more but finally we got it done! Was glad to be out of there, lol. It was time for them to close but it started getting full again.

I also had some doctors appointment and had to rescheduled one because when I get anxious I get the runs. Sorry if it is TMI! I even fell asleep on the train and heard myself snore a bit! The horror! LOL I am glad the week is over... Pin It Now!

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