Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spanish Songs I Grew Up With...

I have been listening to a lot of music lately and I started reminiscing about the music I grew up with.  In our home there was always music playing.  Not loud because my grandmother didn't like disturbing the neighbors.  Even though I wouldn't listen most of the time.  Funny thing is now that I'm old I understand what she meant, lol. 

We always celebrated every birthday and almost every holiday.  I enjoyed the music and even though it was music for grown ups and I didn't understand half of what it meant I loved singing and dancing along.  Every time I hear them it brings such good memories of my life in Puerto Rico.  When life used to be less complicated and we weren't consumed by tech stuff and social networking, lol.  I'm glad we have where you can find almost anything.  I wanted to share with you when they were actually singing these songs back in the days so the videos do not look good but you can still hear the music and see how they were.  Enjoy!♥

Pedro Navaja - Ruben Blades

Timbalero - El Gran Combo

Yo Soy Una Más - Yolandita Monge

Tu Sin Mí - Ednita Nazario

Llorarás - Oscar D'Leon

Paso la Vida Pensando - José Feliciano

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  1. I love all these songs. Reminds me of my Dad. Great post girl :)


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