Friday, June 25, 2010

Is Your Neighborhood Watch Effective?

Guest post from blogger Alex Mosley.

I recently moved into a new neighborhood that seems to be very safe. I see signs on every street stating that the street is under Neighborhood Watch, but I actually never seen or heard of this neighborhood. So far I have not heard of any crimes in the neighborhood, but I still felt better when I had a home security system installed in my house. I would really like to see this neighborhood watch be more active. 

While there is not really any crime, and there are a signs up that the watch is effective, I have not seen or heard of them. Maybe they should build a website or have a monthly meeting for the neighborhood. This will ensure me that they really do exist and I can rely on them. It has been a few months since I lived here, and I do feel safe. However, I would feel much safer if I knew who was on this watch, when they held their meetings, and what equipment they use to watch over my home. I would rest easy knowing more information. Pin It Now!

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