Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Do To Save a Few Dollars.

Like almost everyone else I'm in a budget. I try to save a few dollars everywhere I can. Around here not every store accepts coupons so I try to save some other ways. Like my son's haircut. These days they charge $12 plus $2 tip! If his hair was long I can understand but his hair is never long. What I do to save a few dollars, I shave his hair at home and then take him for a shape up. They only charge $7 plus $2 tip. I end up saving $5. If I had a good trimmer set I would do the shape up also! The one I have is basic so it doesn't let me do it. My son doesn't let his mustache/goatee grow anymore so all he has to do is shave, no goatee shape up at the barber shop either.

When it comes to my hair I do it all at home. I have been cutting my hair lately at home also since I can't afford it and really, I don't go out enough for anyone to notice, lol. I buy hair dye and hair relaxer and my daughter does the rest for me. She does get a haircut at the salon but she doesn't dye her hair so we don't have to worry about that, thank God! 

I save on shampoo and conditioner by buying an inexpensive shampoo at $2.50 or less, for the conditioner I spend a bit more ($4.00). In my opinion the conditioner is what gives your hair a good style besides the gel. For the gel I buy one that I found works great for my curly hair for $4.99 or less. I try to buy all when its on sale to save a few dollars more. Then there is the store brand (Target) that saves me a lot! I buy store brand hand soap, wipes (life savers!), tissues, paper plates, cat litter, baby powder, dental floss, razors and hand sanitizer.

I also pay a visit to the 99 cents store. There I buy hair clips, moños, shower caps, aluminum trays, paper towels, toilet paper, plastic cups, Ajax, Clorox, shaving cream (Barbasol, I love it). If I need memo pads I get them at the 99 cents store also. Need a basket/crate for whatever you can get it there too. I can go on and on. 

Two last tips, I do surveys, with that money I pay my Netflix subscription. If the bill comes and I don't have enough I'll put it on hold until I have the money to pay for it. I also don't pay for magazines out of my pocket, I do surveys for rewards that I use towards the magazines. I subscribe to Latina, PC World and Good Housekeeping.

I have done without things for a day or two because I know I can get it cheaper somewhere else, lol. I know, crazy but I'm in a really tight budget! 

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  1. Wow thank you for the haircut tip! I'll have to check out the barber by me. Hmmmm not sure if they do it in Midtown but maybe I can check in the Bronx.

  2. I don't tell the barber I shaved him myself, lol. I just go in tell him to give him a shape up and to fix it on top if needed ;-)


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