Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Funnies!

Time for some funnies to close the weekend! Me, I need some laughs after the rough week I had. Glad to be inside enjoying some AC because it is hot out there! Have been doing laundry since last night and I'm not even half done. Dreading having to cook but have to, we need to eat! Making something fast, mac and cheese (Kraft) with homemade chicken cutlets and jellied cranberry sauce (ocean spray chilled can, yum)!

We rented Shutter Island but we haven't seen it yet. I have been busy with my computer trying to fix it, my son has been watching Mythbusters on Netflix and my daughter has been busy with her things. Hopefully tonight we will see it and it will be worth it! 

Enjoy the funnies. I felt like the woman on the first picture this past week. Minus the fake parts, lol. It was freaking hot! Enjoy the rest of your day...♥♥

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