Monday, July 12, 2010

Control of the Radio.

Guest post written by Jeffrey McDonald

My grandson Kyle is at the age when he insists to listen to his favorite music all the time, even when he’s riding in my car on the way to karate class. I’ve always been territorial over my radio stations and music programming but I grin and bear it because it’s just for a little while each week. Besides, he keeps the volume turned down pretty low – or I thought so until recently.

I got so tired of saying “what” and asking people to repeat things in conversations every day that I took the initiative and looked up hearing aids.

I went in for a free hearing test, chose the hearing aid I wanted and got fitted with it all within a matter of a week. My kids and friends are so happy that I can hear better now and don’t embarrass them or myself in public by feeling like I have to shout to hear myself talk.

But I can’t say that Kyle is as thrilled about my new addition. I still let him listen to his music in my car, I just don’t let him blast the speakers now.♥
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