Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back In The 80's.

On Saturday I saw the movie War Games con mis hijos/with my children. Yes, the one with Mathew Broderick. My son started watching it first although he complained that it was too old but I told him to keep watching that he was going to like it. And sure enough he was completely into the movie minus the music, then my daughter followed. They both enjoyed it even though it was an old movie. 

I think I'm going to start a tradition to watch an 80's or 90's movie once a month. Since I don't have movies from when I was a teenager just limited pictures at least they can see how times were back then through movies. How people lived, dressed and passed their time. Of course it might not always be accurate but it will give them an idea. Also, you know how youngins complain these days about what they have and what to do to entertain themselves, this my way of letting them know they are lucky in so many ways.

Movies now are very different from the 80's movies so they also get an opportunity to share with me the movies I saw back then. They get a kick out of my stories, lol. Which I am totally happy about!Photobucket

image credit: iwatchstuff
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