Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the Streets of NYC.

Guest post written by Lois Pierce

PhotobucketThere’s a reason they call New York City one of the most exciting places on earth. I think that’s why I decided to move here when I retired—you know, most people go down south to settle in a retirement community in Florida. But me? No way—I wanted to enjoy my new found freedom.

But there’s only one wrench in my plan: I’ve noticed that my hearing has been a little dulled lately, even here on the bustling streets of the Big Apple. I can hear people when they’re talking right beside me, but it’s hard to tell when the Subway is coming from afar or when the crosswalk is chiming or not.That’s when I decided to stop by Miracle Ear New York to get fitted for my new hearing aids.

They’re working so well, I even called my cousin in Maryland to recommend them to her, since she’d been having trouble with her ears, too. She searched around on the web for hearing aids Miracle Ear Baltimore MD, and found a location near her. Now, she’s hearing better than ever. I told her she could thank me later. Pin It Now!

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