Thursday, October 14, 2010

Countdown To Halloween!

PhotobucketAre you like me who loves Halloween? You enjoy watching movies or programs with your familia/family? Then the Hallmark Halloween countdown is what you need! Starting October 25th the Hallmark Channel will be airing programs and movies counting down to Halloween. Like The Martha Stewart show or the movie Growing the Big One with Shannen Doherty. I'm so happy to see her doing TV again. Loved her on CharmedIf you would like to see the trailer click on the link below. Looks like a good movie that you can enjoy with your kids without having to worry about anything inappropriate. Many thanks to Hallmark for that. My kids are all grown up but I do get upset that movies without some type of innuendo are scarce these days. And who doesn't love Edward Scissorhands!

Sadly we won't be able to see the movies because we don't have that channel, can't afford it. We'll wait until it comes out on DVD. Of course it won't be the same. But for all of you who have the channel, mark your calendars and prepare the popcorn or candies!Photobucket

Growing the Big One - Video | Hallmark Channel

image credit: hallmark channel

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