Saturday, August 15, 2009

PhotoHunt - Artificial!

Time for PhotoHunt! This week's theme is Artificial. Thought it would be hard finding a picture for this one but turns out I had a few. This one was taken by my son at a bodega with his cell phone. He was taking a picture of the cat though not the box of Splenda, lol. He was scared the owner was going to say something so that's why the picture is blurry, lol. If you would like to be a PhotoHunter click on the link or the chicklet. Happy Saturday!♥

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  1. Ha ha! That even looks like the subject of my photo hunt! : )

  2. It's kind of cool, the way it is blurry. I'm always nervous taking photos in public places, too.

    Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt! Your comment made my day. :)

    Mrs. Mecomber

  3. A nice shot, either way. :)


  4. Kaye, thanks! Have a great Sunday!!

    Dianne, true! He, he. Thanks for stopping by!

    RDL, thanks! Thanks for stopping by my corner!

    Mrs Mecomber, your welcome and thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday :-)

    Jules, thanks! I enjoyed reading your about me list ;-)

  5. LOL! I did not see the cat before I read the text! Very well done for the theme :)

  6. Melusine, thanks! Thanks for stopping by :-)


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