Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Much For This Friday.

Guest Post Written by Shannon Tillman

This past Friday I had planned on riding to Massachusetts with a few friends to see the Redsox game that was going on, it just so happened that my boss so kindly made me work till 6:00 that night. I tried everything to make my boss realize that this was my one and only opportunity to go to a professional baseball game, I worked all the time and had kids. How could it get any harder. But it didn't cut it. First off he was not a baseball fan and second he could care less about my wants. 

So I got home around 6:30 and walked into a dark living room with candles burning everywhere and quietness that could kill. The TV flicked on a few moments later and the game was on! Since I had missed the game my wife had recorded it with TIVO on our satellite  TV from How awesome is she for doing that? I couldn't have been more appreciative, after a long day at work at a back breaking job, I thought I might just deserve something like this. And apparently she did to. Thank you so much hunny, it ended up  being better than the real thing. Almost. Pin It Now!

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