Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back After A Long Needed Break.

PhotobucketHello! Haven't blogged in what it seems ages but I took a much needed break from my blog/internet to deal with life and the shit life throws at you. Still dealing with things but not letting the stress get to me as much. There is not much I can do as this point but just wait and hope for the best. 

How is everyone doing? Getting ready for Christmas? I didn't realized Christmas was next week until yesterday. I mean not that it matters for us because we are not doing anything. I'm cooking a special dinner as usual. Pernil with arroz con gandules, potato salad, etc. We are renting some movies to watch later in the day and that's it. Well, unless I play the lotto and I win then everything would completely change, lol. I wish!

As you can see I changed the colors of my Blog. Made it winterish/christmasy now that fall is about to end. I'm not that happy with it but I'm not too artistic when it comes to making headers so for now this one will do. Btw, I use Google Chrome as my browser so if you use IE my blog is going to look a bit different. The header is going to look a bit out of place and the retweet button background is going to look white instead of black.

Well, I'm going to watch a movie on Netflix even though is very late. Might watch The Proposal since they have it streaming. Have been catching up with movies through streaming because I can't watch all the movies I like con mis hijos/my children. I'm enjoying it...

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