Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow, Blizzard 2010

PhotobucketOk, so we finally got a good amount of snow. We are probably getting more than what we have now on the ground because it is still snowing as I'm typing this. I took some pictures through the window and then went outside with my son to take out the garbage so we took some pictures and a video. I didn't put on my coat or my gloves so I was freezing! It was 23 degrees but it felt like 5! Shit it was cold, lol. 

You can see in the pictures there was hardly anyone outside. It was around 12:15AM. There were only four or five people walking around. Some kids playing in the snow. We also saw a couple on their way home with a stroller! Thank God she had a her husband with her if not it would've been hell for her to drag that stroller through the snow. He could barely drag it himself! 

In the video you can see how hard the wind was blowing. I wanted to walk down the street but I didn't have my coat on. I took a picture of my son and the snow was almost up to his knees. If the super hadn't cleaned up earlier I'm sure it would've been up to his knees. We were like two little kids in winter wonderland. I know, sad but what the hell you only live once!   

When the storm is over I'll take more pictures. I know other places got more snow than us. I have been reading twitter for updates. I'm sorry for the people who are stuck in some places though. Lots of canceled flights, been there and it is not fun when you have to wait over night. Anyway, for those who love snow like me hope you have fun.Photobucket

I took this around 10PM
10PM also
This one and the rest of the pictures plus the video I took them after 12AM.

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