Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Pictures...

PhotobucketIt's over and according to the news we got 20 inches of snow. Some parts of New Jersey got 32 inches according to this time lapse video. Great video, btw. I took some pictures this morning. It was still snowing a little bit and the wind was brutal! It still windy, is 27 degrees but it feels like 12! 

The man across the street was digging out his car and the snow kept blowing in his face but he finally did it. The street is fairly cleared up now, although this morning people were looking at our super because the sidewalk where they were walking hadn't been touched. Meanwhile he was clearing ours with a snow machine. They weren't happy! 

Anyway, here are the pictures. Hope some of you had some fun in the snow!

Took this at 5AM
Son took this at 7AM
7AM, super was cleaning up already.

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