Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year & PhotoHunt - Fuzzy

PhotobucketHappy New Year again! Ready for the new year? I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We enjoyed our dinner and dessert. Turned out delish. Now we are having some quiet time. There are some people that are still celebrating but not in our building. Here is quiet so far. My daughter is on the computer, my son and I are watching the X-Files season 9 on Netflix

So glad is still Saturday, not ready for the week yet. Come Monday is back to reality, many errands to do. So not ready! Already put up my new calendar though, have to mark it with things I have to do. Funny thing is I enjoy marking my calendar, lol. There is something about calendars, post it, pens, notepads that I like. Anything officy (just made that word up) I love...

First PhotoHunt of 2011! This week's theme is Fuzzy. My son took this picture a few years back while we were at a hospital's outside waiting area. This little birdie came to the table next to us looking for something to eat. It kept getting closer so my son couldn't resist taking a picture. So cute! 

If you would like to become a photohunter like me, click on the link or the chicklet. Happy Saturday!♥♥

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