Friday, January 14, 2011

Sitting Down Watching ESPN.

This guest post from Werner Rogers

Sunday morning started out just like all the other ones that I had for the entire month. Except today was going to be different because I was going to have a great time watching ESPN. I know that for many people this is something that would seem odd, but I had finally managed to convince my wife to get paid television.

Now this may not seem like it was that big of a struggle, but you need to realize that when you live on a disability pension spending any money each month is a huge choice. However, she finally seen that the old way of watching television was not working anymore when her soaps kept fading in and out on her.

Once her soaps faded in and out a couple times too many and she missed out on the big ending to one of the episodes she knew that it was time to get something else. Once she decided on that I managed to convince her to the switch, but what she was not expecting was for me to watch my favorite sports network on satellite TV from BestChoiceTV each Sunday morning. Now she just considers my sports watching as part of the Sunday morning ritual before we head out the door for church.

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