Sunday, January 23, 2011

A WTF Dream & Sunday Funnies.

This morning I woke up with a headache. I think I either had a headache because of the way my head was or because of the dream I had. My dream, I was sitting somewhere reading a book and Jennifer Lopez came up to me and shot me in the head! Yes, you read that right. She shot me in the head while standing in front of me. For some reason I was still alive and I wasn't bleeding much. I could feel pain and I was trying to find the hole but I couldn't. I looked at her and she looked like she was in a trance or something so I pulled her towards me and hugged her telling her it's ok, lol. WTF? 

The police came and they were looking for the bullet hole in the wall to find the bullet to match to her gun, lol. They find the bullet and is a bullet they had never seen before. The dream turned into a scene from V. Where I was impregnated with a child but the child was an alien! I remember thinking so this is why she shot me. I was in going into labor and the pain was horrible! I was in some sort a spaceship hospital giving birth screaming like something my tearing up my insides. Then I woke up. Had a headache and a WTF look on my face, lol. Seriously the shit that goes on on our subconscious mind. The last thing I did last night was watch TV, was watching House Hunters. Totally not related, lol. One thing I'm glad of, my headache went away. If not I would be cursing Jennifer Lopez right now, lol.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Me, I'm listening to Journey's Don't Stop Believing on AOL's radio Awesome 80's even though I hate using it because they have too much commercials. Pandora is winning me over little by little. I'm having Me time for a little bit while my son takes a shower and daughter is out visiting a friend. Trying to enjoy my Sunday as much as I can because I'm not feeling well. Wishing today was Friday instead of Sunday, bleh.

Ok, on to my Sunday's funnies. Enjoy!♥♥


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