Friday, January 21, 2011

Medium Series Finale & The Vampire Diaries New Poster!

I had no idea that Medium was canceled until last week! Imagine my surprise when they said tonight is the series finale. WTF? I hope they give it a good ending not gives us the shitty ending they gave to Ghost Whisperer

I'm going to miss the show. I watch it con mis hijos/my children every week. I really love the relationship between Allison and Joe. It was a treat to see them every week. So long Medium you will be missed!♥♥

Here is the new poster for The Vampire Diaries. Looks hot doesn't it? The new episodes start next week and I can't wait! I know, I'm kinda old to watch this show but I don't give a shit, lol. I like it, period. It has a good story and good characters. The acting is good and is not all about sexed up teenagers. Something I thought when I first saw the trailers before the show aired for the first time. My daughter thought the same thing and now she loves it. 

She also likes Nikita but I can't get into it for some reason. Have tried many times because my daughter wants me to watch it with her but I just can't. My mind starts to wonder or I fall asleep, lol. Am I the only one?

image credit: CW and MyLot

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