Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are You Ready For Irene/Estás Preparado Para Irene?

Are you ready New York? Tonight we'll know if Irene is as strong as it has been predicted. I believe its already at 85mph so I'm guessing by the time it gets to New York is not going to be as strong. If you don't know how strong 85 to 90 mph winds are, I posted some videos below. Last time I experienced a hurricane was when I was living in Puerto Rico. That was ages ago so I had to check! Irene, could cause some damage. Glad we are taking precautions, with mother nature you never know.

I went to the supermarket yesterday to get some food, batteries, candles, etc. Passed by the 99cents store, that store was full! They had no big flashlights or batteries. People were taking whatever they could. The owners were so happy with so much customers! The lines were ridiculous and it was hot as hell inside. We had to settle for candles, but is better than nothing! As long as we have food and water the rest is not as important. And of course if you need medicine for a member of your family. I made sure my daughter has enough allergy medicine. 

I tried to sleep but only slept two hours. Here I am writing this post. This reminds me of Puerto Rico, we wouldn't sleep waiting for the hurricanes. We would sit on the balcony drinking coffee with a piece of bread and butter until the rain came down really hard. Good memories, not that a hurricane is something fun but familia/people tend to get close on ocassions like these. 

Bueno, I'm going to try to take a nap. Cuidensen/Stay safe out there and although this hasn't happened in New York in a long time is something you need to take seriously. Don't go out there because you want to feel the wind. That's how accidents happen, mi gente...♥♥ 

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