Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wait, What?

PhotobucketI'm so HAPPY the weather has cool down a lot this week. Sorry for all the Spring lovers out there. I am enjoying it. I said before that I need a fan on all night to be able to sleep. My good fan broke back in December so I decided before it gets hot and everyone flocks to the stores to get fans, I was going to get mine. Been reading reviews and looking at Target, Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond. I have been trying to find my old fan, but so far nada. I decided to get the Holmes Stand Fan, so I went to Target last week determined to get one.

I called the store ahead of time to find out if they had the fan, but it seems like they are too busy to pick up the phone. I called four times and no one picked up, so off I went to Target. I went at night of course, like vampires that we are, lol. I got everything I needed before heading to get the fan. So I'm running like a chicken without a head looking for a fan and nothing. I asked one of the guys who works there, he then tells me that they don't have them on display yet. I was like, wait what? Duh! It never occurred to me that it's not hot enough for them to sell fans yet. Even though Bed Bath and Beyond already are selling fans. I was so disappointed.

It is hell for me to go out, so when I do I want to do as much as I can. Go everywhere possible. Thank God that when we went it was foggy and a bit chilly so there weren't a lot of people. I took some pictures (one below) when we were leaving around 10:50PM. As you can see we were practically the only ones leaving at that time. There were more people inside Target still and a few walking around. The mall closes early besides Target, they close at 11PM! I so love that. Wish the other stores would close at 10PM but most of them close at 9PM.

Hopefully this week I will be able to get one. If anyone happens to know when they are going to be for sale, please let me know. I called to ask but I got transferred and no one picked up on the other end. It sucks, I'm going to keep calling of course. Coño, so much mierda just to buy a fan!


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