Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get Your Kids Excited About Learning Spanish.

Expert QA

My mother’s watching my 8-year-old soon, and while they have bonded, there’s one problem: My mom only speaks Español, and my daughter doesn’t want to learn! How can I encourage my daughter?

From the Editors of Las Fabulosas

One of the best ways to connect your child to her Latino heritage is to teach her Spanish. “Like any other skill you’re teaching your child, it requires time, patience and perseverance,” says Jacqueline Valencia Rodriguez, a therapist in New York City. Try these tips to make it fun.

1. Create games. “Play a game in the teaching moments,” says Rodriguez. One idea? Speak in Spanish about your kids, and then have them figure out what you’re saying. Or try tongue twisters such as “R con R cigarro.”

2. New tradition. Pick a Spanish-only day. Tell your kids that anyone who wants to speak and be heard today needs to speak Spanish, including parents and siblings. Remember “Los Pollitos”? Teach a Spanish nursery rhyme and sing along.

3. Learn the culture. Experiencing our culture and the beautiful music while speaking Spanish will cement their language skills. “Organize a trip to your native country at least once a year,” says Rodriguez.

Francesca Velasquez is a first-time contributor to Las Fabulosas.

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