Saturday, April 11, 2009

Terminator: TSCC Season Finale!

If you read this and this posts you know I'm a FAN of Terminator: TSCC. I have been following comments about the TSCC season finale and almost everyone says the same thing! It was awesome, how can Fox cancel it, it rocked etc. It fucking rocked and I still have it on my DVR to watch it again! I hope to God they won't cancel this show. There is so much more to say after last night's season finale. I don't want to give too much away in case someone hasn't seen it yet. The look on John's face when he saw Cameron was priceless. Weaver's scene with Sarah was so damn good! I have become attached to all the characters. Someone said they opened another plot by mentioning the missing son, don't want to give out any spoilers. I realize that this is problaby falling on deaf ears, but I want more of this show, please Fox bring it back!!! I can't wait for T4 and I'm going to try really hard (it's expensive to go to the movies!) to go see it with my kids... Pin It Now!


  1. I like the Terminator series too, especially Cameron. I cut off my TV service this winter and Terminator was one of those I missed. Will be a shame if it is canceled. I really thought there was a lot they could do with the character of Cameron. Though it was getting to be an over complicated storyline for me early this season.

  2. Thanks for commenting! You can see the episodes online. I think you will like the last 4 episodes a lot! I'm still crossing my fingers that it will not be canceled. I'm so going to miss it if they do...


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