Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would You Do This?

I read about the mother who was so upset with her daughters she told them to get out of the car. Good Morning America asked other mothers about it. Would they do it or have they done it. I thought that is something you don't want to do these days unless is a block away and you know both kids are going to stay together. Too many crazies out there that are on the lookout for children who are walking alone. I have never been in this situation because I don't drive. I have lost my patience hundreds of time so I know how it feels. What do you guys think? Pin It Now!


  1. I have walked away from my youngest. When he was 4 he threw himself on the floor on 34th street (like he couldn't have picked a busier place rite?!) I told him to get up, he didn't so I walked away, but I knew he would follow and he did when he saw I was serious. But I couldn't imagine driving away from my kids even tho I can understand. It would have been better if she had parked and got out of the car for awhile.

  2. Ms. Latina, LOL. You are right, out of all the places! Yep, she should have just let out a scream and said enough or like you said get out of the car. Too many things could've happened to those girls. Thank God it didn't.


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