Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 80's Fashion!

I know I'm a day late but better late than never! My Thursday Thirteen for this week are 80's Fashion! Most of them I wore myself, lol. So happy some of them are back in style. How I miss those days!

  1. Sergio Valente jeans
  2. Tube Tops
  3. Leggings
  4. Mesh Shirts
  5. Mini-skirts
  6. Biker shorts under skirts - I loved this style, one of my favorite!
  7. Paint-Splattered Clothes
  8. Boxing boots - Another one of my favorite! I had them in metallic red, black, turquoise and silver, lol.
  9. Neon and Day-glo clothing
  10. Puma tennis
  11. Sweatshirts with neck ripped out Flashdance style - I loved this style, I think I have pictures wearing this shirts.
  12. Socks with pom pom balls on the back
  13. White knee socks with stripes around the top - Another look I loved, made me look tomboyish but I liked looking tomboyish because kids wouldn't mess with me, lol.
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  1. A lot of the things on your list seem every familiar LOL

    I had several of the Flashdance sweatshirts. My daughter just started wearing biker shorts under skirts. And leggings. You could wear those with anything :)

  2. I remember many of these. It's funny to see some of these things out today. My daughters say, wow Mom look at these new styles. I have to laugh because I was wearing the same thing at their age. Happy T13!

  3. woweee we share similar tastes :D

    i mean the layout !!!

    did two


  4. Jill, the bikers shorts/leggins I think are one of the best inventions. No worrying about bending and showing your underwear and no bulky waist because of the pants underneath.

    Adelle, I know! I tell my daughter and she says yes Mami I know. You used to wear cool clothes but I can't. I tell her times have change, things are pretty expensive these days!

    AD, your Blog is the second one I have seen with the layout. We have good taste, he, he. ;-)


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