Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Things About Me!

Haven't blogged since forever it seems. Been busy with appointments, life etc. Not to mention this heat is killing me. Makes me so tired! My feet and hands gets swollen for some reason. I'm trying not to turn on the AC much because the electricity bill comes through the roof but there is so many showers I can take, lol.

I'm late for the Thursday Thirteen but better late than never, right! This week's Thursday Thirteen are Things About Me! If you would like to join the fun click on the link above!

  1. I'm addicted to House Hunters, I can watch it for hours. It's relaxing to me, I enjoy seeing all the style of houses in different countries and cities.
  2. I have a sweet tooth, I know is not good for me but I can't help it.
  3. I'm dying to get another tattoo but can't afford it so it will have to wait! Noooo..
  4. I have dreams and sometimes nightmares almost every night. Good imagination, I guess.
  5. Even after I sleep for 7-8 hours I still feel tired.
  6. I need to hear music while I'm cooking, makes my task much easier!
  7. I'm dying for summer to be over even though I like being able to sit at the park. I just detest hot weather.
  8. I haven't been to the movies since last year.
  9. I fall asleep while I'm typing and end up taking a nap, lol. I just did!
  10. My favorite video game is Tekken, can't wait for Tekken 6. I play it with my kids, lol.
  11. I have never gone to a beauty salon to have my hair dyed. I do myself at home, now that my daughter is older she helps me.
  12. I have become addicted with taking pictures, wish I had a better camera. Mine is pretty old and it has 4 megapixels only.
  13. The sound of the cars door closing triggers my anxiety.
And there you have it! Join TT it is fun! Pin It Now!

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