Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Walk in Times Square.

I went to for a walk through Times Square with my son not too long ago. It was a nice day and we were bored, lol. We took some pictures with my son's cell phone. Last time we went there was last year. It has changed a bit. They closed off some parts as you may already know. Now people can sit down and do people watching, lol. I think it's a great idea. That area it is always so full, it's hard to walk. The day we went it was extremely crowded! My son wasn't happy about it of course, neither was I but I still enjoy the city.

There were the occasional Boricua Boricua chanting from Boricua's carrying a Puerto Rico flag because it was the Sunday of the Puerto Rican parade. A whole group joined in, lol. People were stopping to look at them, I'm assuming tourists. Then there were the guys selling Obama condoms which annoyed me since this is a place where families go. I mean do we really need to have condoms shoved in our faces. There are plenty of pharmacies around there to get some.

I had forgotten they closed the Virgin Store. I always enjoyed going there to look around. They had so many goodies to look at. Especially during Christmas shopping they had good sales. I loved the t-shirts, bags, belts etc. I'm going to miss it. It still empty, I wonder what are they going open next. It's a big space to fill!

We couldn't sit and do some people watching ourselves because all the seats were taken. We stopped for a while to look around for a place to sit but nada. Guess one has to go early to find a good seat. Although Times Square never sleeps! We had a good time, it has changed a lot since the days when I used to go and stay until 3 AM hanging around. Even when the kids were small we would go and stay until late. Just something about Times Square that pulls you in. Ahhh, the good old days...

The pictures quality is not good because they were taken with a cell but I fixed them up a bit. Last two pictures were taken by my son.

Times Square
I wanted to sit on those bleachers in the back, lol.

Times Square
Times Square Billboards
Love the Billboards!

Times Square
Had to take a picture of Einstein with his tongue out, lol.

Sport Store
I thought this giant bobble head looked creepy, lol.

New Victory Theater
I love the look of this Theater!

Times Square Subway
Taking the train on our way back home.


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