Thursday, September 17, 2009

TV, TV & More TV!

I know by now everyone knows that on More to Love Luke picked Tali. I'm so happy for her, for both! I loved the season finale. My daughter and I were glued to the TV, lol. We were looking at everyone faces to see if we saw anything that would tell us who he was going to pick. We sort of knew he was going to pick Tali because they showed the hands on the commercial and they looked like hers. Still, we were surprised when he told Malissa his heart belonged to someone else, you are never sure with these shows. We were "OMG"! At first she was pissed and that's why she left right away. Which it was the right thing to do. Why bother staying and talking. She started crying on the limo when she asked herself what she (Tali) has that I don't...

My damn DVR was full because I haven't had time to watch all the shows so it stopped recording 2 minutes before! We were praying we could at least see who won. It stopped recording when he gave her the ring and kissed her. That was so cruel, lol. We were so into the show and then it stopped! My daughter was pissed but giddy at the same time, lol. We had to wait 24 hours to watch the rest of the episode. I enjoyed the show and I hope they will renew it and that they will keep using the same formula and not turn it into a slut fest for the sake of ratings. He was very respectful and that's why we enjoyed the show.

Fringe starts tonight! We might not watch it live tonight but I'm recording it to watch it later or tomorrow because my son has school. We have been dying for the show to start. My son kept asking through the whole summer when is Fringe going to start. He kept saying are you sure it starts that day? LOL.

The season finale episode left us with lots of questions so this first episode should be very interesting! Anyone else who is a fan of Fringe?

Another show, Supernatural! First episode of the season rocked! It was full of surprises! Have to say I love love what they did with the portion where they show the Supernatural letters in the beginning, it was so damn cool. Plus the music makes your adrenaline pump, lol.

What can I say like Margie and Edna, we are all fans of Supernatural here. Well, my son is not the into the show for the boys, lol. Castiel, I am so happy that Papi is back, lol. He brings some cojones to the show and I love it! My daughter has a crush on him, lol. Hell, even Bobby looks hot! Bobby scared the hell out of me on last week's episode, shit. Can't wait for tonight's episode! Yes, I have nothing to do life and I am sure I'm not the only one!♥ Pin It Now!

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  1. I never heard of More To Love. Hmmm hope I can catch in next time around. Thanks for letting me know about it.


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