Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life & PhotoHunt.

Happy Saturday, well now is happy, earlier not so much, lol.  Had an appointment, when I went to take a shower there was no hot water, I was so pissed.  An hour before my appointment that's when the hot water started coming in.  Took a shower, got dressed and then to wait for my son to finish.  He took forever so I had to take a taxi and even then got there half hour late!  Thank God she saw me anyway. 

While I was getting dressed I was sweating so I didn't wore my coat, just a shirt and a thick sweater.  We get outside and it was freezing!  I needed to do some errands but couldn't do them all because it was too cold, it was raining and then it started snowing!  As a result of the rain, cold and snow, nature started calling, lol.  Had to come home.  Now, I'm cooking baked ziti and garlic bread (from the supermarket).  Then to eat and watch Star Trek or Transformer 2!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...♥♥

On to my PhotoHunt!  This week's theme is curved.  It took me some time to find a picture but finally found one.  This picture was taken by me at Queens in Rego Park.  If you would like to participate click on the link, you will discover many other interesting Blogs.♥         

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  1. Great photo. This fits the theme so perfectly.

  2. Bull, I was about to give looking when I found it. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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