Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long Time No See!

Sorry I haven't updated my Blog in some time.  Was sick with the flu and it has taken me a long time to get back to normal.  I'm taking meds (well was because I ran out) so I didn't wanted to take anything for the flu.  Too many risks, I decided it was best to stick it out.  Ran out of my meds over a week ago and can't get refills until I see my doctor which I haven't been able to do because well, I have been sick.  I don't notice the withdrawal symptoms much but when I go out that's when it hits me big time.  I can't see my doctor until next week so yay for me.  Have to keep walking around with brain zaps, my anxiety creeping up, etc.  

Anyway, I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit as you can see in my header, lol.  Still haven't been able to do that here.  Our tree is not up yet, bought some clingies for the windows and those are not up either.  I love this time of year but because of personal problems I just can't get in the mood.  Then when I start feeling down I feel guilty because there are others who have it worse.  I keep going back and forth, I'm hoping after I write this post and put it up for the whole world to see I will snap out of it and enjoy what I have even if it is very little.

Now I need to pry myself away from this computer because I bought a box of hair dye to beautify myself a bit, something I haven't done in over a year!  My daughter is in a so so mood, this is my opportunity to ask her to help me with it.  Enjoy your evening or morning, whichever the case may be!♥
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