Friday, February 5, 2010

Need To Know What A Movie Is About?

Even though I'm a TV and a movie junkie I never let my children see whatever they wanted.  I still check even though they are a lot older.  I know some people say nah they are going to learn it no matter what.  That may be the case but in my opinion there is an appropriate age for everything.  Most children don't know the difference.  They tend to mimic what they see on TV or movies. 

I always remember a friend who's boss had a 10 year old daughter and she would bring her to the job put in a movie for her and then go back to her desk.  Only problem is the movie she would put for her daughter (and her friend, same age) was Austin Power: The Spy Who Shagged Me.  Now out of all the movies out there for children why would this mother choose this movie for a 10 year old?  A movie that is all about sexual innuendo.  Not only for her daughter but for someone else's daughter.  Until this day it bothers me that no one said anything about the movie being inappropriate for a 10 year old.

If you are a parent these sites can help you decide what movies are appropiate for your children/teens.  My favorite is, very detailed about what a movie is about.  Sure it might spoil the movie a bit but you will be able to enjoy the movie if you know ahead of time to prepare for an iffy part if you are watching it with your children/teens.  Don't let the ratings fool you, sometimes the ratings include parts that most of us would never allow our children/teens to see...♥

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for those links! We will make good use of them. :)

  2. I can't believe they let a 10 year old see that movie, either! I don't care if it makes me a prude or whatever, like you I want to be careful what my daughter views. I was totally SHOCKED this past summer to see how many young kids were at Transformers II - not in my family!

  3. Storm, I agree with you. Transformers movies could've been great movies without all the sexual innuendo and the flunting of Megan Fox body. Even my kids said so and they are over 16. I enjoyed the first movie but the second one was more of a waste time.


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