Sunday, January 31, 2010

PhotoHunt - Spotted

Time for PhotoHunt again!  It was hard but I found one, lol.  This picture was taken by my son with his cell phone that's why is so small.  We went to a bodega and there he/she was.  My son spotted the cat and had to take a picture.  He is so plump isn't he, lol.  If you would like to participate follow the link.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!♥♥

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  1. cute cat

    thanks for your visit to our photohunt

  2. Nice photo! I'm surprised a cat is allowed in the store.

  3. Lissa, yep. Thanks for stopping by!

    Mrs. Mecomber, in NY is not surprising even though they shouldn't. I don't shop in grocery stores often it has to be an emergency! I always go to the supermarket.


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