Friday, February 19, 2010

First Time!

As some of you know I'm not much of a cook.  I have a few recipes and I rarely try something new.  Yes, I am a Latina who is not good in the kitchen!  The horror, lol.  Well, my daughter loves ribs and she kept asking me to cook some for her.  Finally I gave in and bought some but had been putting it off because I didn't really know how to cook them.  A week ago I decided to look for some ways to cook them and found a recipe that was simple enough for me to try it.  They turned out very good, very tender!  The kids enjoyed them and so did I!  My daughter wasn't even talking she was like we say in Puerto Rico metiendole mano/digging in, lol.  I'm happy to say that this recipe is another addition to my small dinner menu!  Here is the recipe, I followed one of the reviewers tips and added onion powder.  Que rico!♥♥

image credit: wannabe chefette Pin It Now!

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