Friday, February 12, 2010

That's It?

So glad is Friday!!  This week has been a crazy one with all the snow, the running up and down trying to get everything done before the snow got here.  The weather channel said we were getting a lot of snow and we ended up getting 7 inches or so, blah.  What a disappointment!  I wanted snow like DC got, lol.  Like I say every winter there is always next year.  So not looking forward to summer!  Oh, the HORROR...

I totally forgot this weekend is Valentine's Day.  If it wasn't because of the commercials I wouldn't have remembered.  I rented 2 movies and I didn't have checked the list before they sent them.  I put movies I want to see in the top but I usually change them to get movies for everyone's taste.  We ended up with 500 Days of Summer and Fame.  Then I thought two good movies for this weekend since is Valentine's Day weekend.  My daughter of course is going to love them but my son is not.  I still have GI Joe (we haven't seen it yet) so I guess everyone has something.  What are you doing this weekend?

I have been doing laundry all day.  After I finish with this post I have to get ready to go out with my son.  Have to make a stop at my favorite store, Target and then make a stop at the supermarket.  Talking about supermarkets, don't you hate when you do grocery shopping and you get something small that you end up throwing in the garbage because you are just thinking about the food you need to put away?  I bought a sponge at the beginning of the week and the kids threw it away by mistake, grrrr.  Now I have to buy another one!

Although I want to keep ranting off I can't.  I'll continue my ranting either tonight or tomorrow, lol.  Hope everyone is enjoying their evening...♥♥ Pin It Now!


  1. I'm stuck in laundry land too... I swear it multiplies when I am not looking, lol

  2. Storm, LOL I live in an apartment so I have a small washing machine and no dryer so it takes me forever!


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