Friday, March 19, 2010

Life & Celebrities.

This week flew by! So glad is Friday though, I didn't go out today but I went out yesterday and I'm happy to say I enjoyed the sun even though I was sweating! Beautiful blue skies with a few clouds. Wish I had a camera, looked beautiful. The only one we have my daughter always has it because she loves taking pictures too. We went close to my old neighborhood. Last time we were there was last year around October! Looks the same, wish I still lived around there. It's so different from where we live now. We didn't stayed long because the heat got to me but it was nice the change of scenery and best of all we were able to get one of my favorite treats, Cinnabons! Nothing like a sweet treat to make you feel better, he, he.

Ok, so by now all of you know Sandra Bullock's story and her marriage. When it first came out they were dating I thought they were a weird couple. I didn't think he was the right guy for her but then again who the fuck am I right? I don't know the guy so I was happy her marriage was doing well. Then bam, the news broke out. I thought what the hell? I really didn't expect the whole cheating thing and with a stripper but shit that seems to be the style these days. Funny thing is that he went to court to get full custody of his daughter because of his ex-wife life style right. Then he goes cheats on his wife and with a stripper! What a hypocrite. Seems like he wanted to get caught. I mean seriously by now you should know better not to cheat because it will come out eventually. Hello, Tiger, Edwards, Jude Law, I can go on and on. My opinion, she should dump his ass. She is at the height of her career she doesn't need to be worrying whether he's going to do it again, the fact that he slept with a woman like that. I mean have you seen her, yuck! Then she's telling the world everything, the fact that he didn't even used a condom. Mama you can do 3 times better than this douche. Hang in there...♥♥

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