Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life & Nightmares.

Finally I can sit down and write a post without having one of my kids asking me when I'm going to finish. I have been in a funk lately more than usual that is, lol. One of the reasons I haven't been blogging. Hopefully now that I changed my blog template it will give me some motivation. I think the fact I haven't been sleeping well has a lot to do with my funk. Have been having some horrible dreams lately so when I wake up I'm moody and super tired! One of them was about some family members. My cousin, my uncle and my grandfather had committed suicide. Now my grandfather passed away years ago and the other two I haven't talked to in years! I woke up confused with a sign of WTF above my head that stayed there for days, lol. Have to stop reading so many disturbing news!

Case in point, one that kept hunting me all day was the one about Ana Cacho. A woman who is being accused in Puerto Rico of killing her son. What got to me was one of her daughter waking up screaming saying her brother got blood on her hair. Poor girl! Then there is the boxer Edwin Valero who killed his wife, confessed and then committed suicide while in jail. Just horrible, definitely have to stop reading news like these.

Anyway enough of deppresing news and dreams. Tomorrow is Earth Day, who is going to an event? Plenty of places to take your kiddies, follow the link there is something for everyone and is not only tomorrow but some are on Friday also. I'll be busy tomorrow so I'm not going to any of the events. For those who are going have fun! There is only one mother Earth!

I love the weather channel because I'm basically obsessed with anything that has to do with weather for some reason. I found a video that shows the volcano in Iceland being filmed from a helicopter. It is scary, mother Earth is angry! Had to share it with you all.♥♥


image credit: Pin It Now!

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