Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life, TV & Thursday Thunks.

Happy Earth Day to everyone! I wrote a post yesterday about things you can do today and tomorrow here in NY. It was a beautiful day, I'm sure the events were/are full. We had a few thunders and a bit of rain but it cleared up. Thank God because I have to go back out to do food shopping. You know when I go food shopping when I get home I hate cooking and end up making something quick for dinner. Usually pizza or sandwiches. Am I the only one?

So glad is Thursday! I have become addicted to The Vampire Diaries, I'm embarrassed to say, lol. I love it though, it has good characters and a good story. Plus who doesn't love vampires! Damon has become one of my favorite characters, at first I hated him now I like how evil/good he is. Then there is Supernatural another show I watch every week, I don't miss it. There is also Fringe and Flash Forward tonight, I'm going to be in total bliss. Thank God for the invention of the DVR! I remember the days where I had to have two vcr's recording while watching another show, lol. I still have a box or two full of them! Sad but true.

Anyway, I haven't done Thursday Thunks in a long time thought it was time to start again. If you would like to join the fun follow the link! It's fun.Photobucket

My oldest demon (aka Demon #1) is in Oklahoma! The musical this weekend. Yep, my kid is a drama geek. Have you ever been in a play or musical? Were you in the drama club in high school?

Neither,  a school dance group counts?

You are walking down the road and the cops fly by you and stop at the house just a little ways down the street. It's the way you were going to go... do you take a detour to avoid it or do you just keep walking because, hey - you had the idea first! or do you walk by out of complete curiosity?

I keep going the same way but walking fast while making sure I don't get shoot at!

I drop a green crayon from the roof and Kimber drops a yellow one - which one will grow wings and fly before it hits the ground?

Huh? he, he..

What is the first section of the grocery store you go to? And I know that sentence doesn't sound right, but I don't care.

The one that is closest to the entrance which is the one with veggies, mayonnaise, oil, etc.

Do you like questions that have a yes or no answer or do you like to actually think for yourself and come up with something original?

I like both.

The wall directly in front of you... whats on it?

Two big windows.

Sea salt?

Like the smell of the ocean.

420. You know what it is. It's a time, it's a day, it's a way of life. Did you celebrate yesterday?

Don't remember?

Can you read a tape measure?

Only when I need to, he, he.

The city/town/village that you live in... it's population is.....????

According to Wikipedia it says 8,363,710 this was from 2008.

If a laptop fell out of the sky do you think you could catch it? And if you did, do you think it's Finders Keepers?

Heck I would try very hard, I don't have one and can't afford it either.

Driving down the highway, driving down the interstate, driving down a dirt road that you are sure goes absolutely nowhere... whats the longest distance you have ever driven in one trip?

I don't drive.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

I know is a lot! LOL
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